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  • Resin Impregnation Machine

    Resin impregnation machine is ’’suitable for glass fiber cloth, glass fiber mat, glass fiber paper, cotton fabric and fabric like impregnated with epoxy resin, silicone or the like. Continuous impregnation,… ...

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  • Epoxy Resin Impregnation Line

    Epoxy resin impregnation line is designed to be used for the immersion and drying of fiberglass, and it is one of the most important automated impregnation lines in the production… ...

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  • Fiberglass Cloth Impregnation Machine

    Fiberglass cloth impregnation machine uses 7628, 2116, 1080 fiberglass glass cloth to impregnate FR-4, cement-1, cement-3 prepreg for CCL (copper-clad laminate) for PCB industry.   Product Introduction Fiberglass cloth impregnation… ...

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  • Fabric Impregnation Machine

    Fabric impregnation machine is used for mesh enhanced rendering with a fabric width of up to 3.200 mm and a production speed of up to 80 m/min.Nantong huashunda wood-based panel… ...

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  • Non woven Production Line

    Non-woven production line is used for non-woven base cloth impregnating, drying, calendering and other production, the main products are: glass fiber base cloth impregnating and drying production line, geotechnical base… ...

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  • Non Woven Fabric Production Line

    Non woven fabric production line is used for impregnation, drying and calendering of nonwoven fabrics, and the main products are: glass fiber base cloth impregnated with drying line; impregnation and… ...

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  • Nonwoven Production Line

    Nonwoven production line is ’’suitable for polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and viscose ES fiber, which is dried by using the impregnated glue and is pressed flat, which is reinforced into 15-120g/㎡nonwoven… ...

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  • Prepreg Production Line

    Prepreg production line is trending towards the production of a wide range of woollen, textile and multi-axial structural products using flexible, versatile systems in the world.The use of fibers like… ...

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  • Phenolic In’sulation Board Production Line

    Phenolic in’’sulation board production line has the same working principle as PU in’’sulation board production line. Phenolic in’’sulation board has good corrosion and combustion resistance. Our equipment relies on advanced… ...

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  • Horizontal Fiberglass Cloth Impregnation Line

    Horizontal fiberglass cloth impregnation line, as a new type of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly impregnation line, it is mainly used in the process of dipping, drying, cutting, curing and winding, and… ...

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  • Prepreg Impregnation Line

    Prepreg impregnation line is ’’suitable for 7628, 2116, 1080 fiberglass, felt, kraft paper impregnation, drying, rewinding and length cut. Especially in impregnation of FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3 and other prepregs. It… ...

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  • Low Noise Fiberglass Cloth Impregnation Line

    Low noise fiberglass cloth impregnation line has the characteristics of convenient operation, high degree of automation, low energy con’’sumption, high-speed, uniform gluing, and high cutting accuracy. It is divided into two parts:… ...

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