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  • Melamine Impregnation Line

    Melamine impregnation line is suitable for laminate flooring, balance paper and wear-resistant paper for wood-based panel industry; decorative paper for furniture; facial paper for core board, core paper.Melamine impregnation line… ...

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  • Melamine Paper Impregnation Line

    Melamine paper impregnation line is produced by Nantong huashunda wood-based panel machinery co., LTD.We specialize in R&D and manufacturing of impregnation, coating and drying equipment for wood-based panel industry.  … ...

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  • Impregnation Line For Melamine Paper

    Impregnation line for melamine paper includes uncoiling machine, first dip glue machine, first dryer, second dip glue machine, second dryer and cutting device, among which, the outlet end of the… ...

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  • Melamine Decor Paper Impregnation Line

    Melamine decor paper impregnation line is widely used in wood-based panel secondary veneer paper, fireproof board decorative paper, fireproof board stratum paper, floor decoration paper, etc.   Product Details Melamine… ...

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  • Decorative Paper Impregnation Line

    Decorative paper impregnation line uses RS485 digital communication technology to realize the communication control of human-machine interface (touch screen), PLC and inverter, replacing the traditional panel control, with good anti-interference… ...

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  • Decor Paper Impregnation Lines

    Decor paper impregnation lines are mainly used for the drying production of laminate flooring, low-pressure melamine and high-pressure melamine impregnated paper. It is also suitable for the production of impregnated… ...

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  • Impregnation Line For Decorative Paper

    Impregnation line for decorative paper is mainly used for impregnated paper of urea, phenol or melamine resin. This impregnated paper is used to make laminate or pre-crushed particleboard such as… ...

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  • Paper Impregnation Line Machine

    Paper impregnation line machine is divided into two types, namely melamine paper impregnation dryer, phenolic paper impregnator. As the most widely used material in furniture, flooring, molded doors and other… ...

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  • Phenolic Resin Impregnation Line

    Phenolic resin impregnation line belongs to paper processing machinery equipment. It can dip and reapply glue on decorative printing paper, plain colored paper and surface paper for a second time,… ...

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  • Paper Phenolic Resin Impregnation Line

    Impregnation line is used for manufacturing phenolic formaldehyde glue for kraft paper. It is a kind of core impregnated paper for high-pressure laminate, bakelite HPL board and compact HPL board…. ...

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  • Pvc Flooring Decorative Impregnation Line

    PVC flooring decorative impregnation line is a device that performs water-soluble glue coating on the surface of the board and coats the solvent-coated glue on the decorative paper. It is… ...

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  • Plywood Decorative Paper Impregnation Line

    Plywood decorative paper impregnation line has a beautiful appearance of materials in the process of operation, can be used in a certain extent, improve its value. To some extent, the… ...

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  • Impregnation Line For Laminate Flooring

    In the process of the laminated floor, you need to apply the glue to the surface of the substrate and press the gauge plate onto the base plate, and then… ...

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  • Paper Impregnation Line For HPL

    Paper impregnation line for HPL adopts professional precision rubber scraping and coating machine, which is professionally used for flat panel veneer, multi-layer board adhesion, and is suitable for high-gloss veneer… ...

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  • Resin Impregnation Machine

    Resin impregnation machine is suitable for glass fiber cloth, glass fiber mat, glass fiber paper, cotton fabric and fabric like impregnated with epoxy resin, silicone or the like. Continuous impregnation,… ...

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