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Application of Communication Technology Based on RS485 Protocol in Horizontal Impregnation line
[ Mar 3,2020 ]

Industrial automation control technology is the use of control theory, instrumentation, computers and other information technologies to achieve the detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making of industrial production processes, to increase production, improve quality, reduce consumption, ensure safety, etc. A comprehensive technology for the purpose. With the rapid development of computer software technology, various open industrial field communication methods have emerged at the historic moment, and are now moving towards a standardized open architecture. As one of the most basic electrical standards, the RS485 protocol is one of the underlying protocols widely used in various fieldbuses.


The secondary processing equipment of the wood-based panel produced by our company, the horizontal paper impregnation line, is mainly used for continuously impregnating and coating resin glue on abrasion-resistant paper, decorative paper, plain paper, etc., as well as drying, cutting, and stacked. Impregnated paper can be used for veneer based on particleboard or MDF. The impregnation line is mainly composed of unwinder, impregnator, dryer section, air cooling zone, coating station, Web Alinger, Rotary Sevo cutter, belt conveyer, hydraulic lifting platform, auto stacker system, gap adjustment device and other equipment.

The horizontal impregnation line requires that the paper can be stably passed through the dryer at different running speeds and different dipping amounts according to the different papers to be impregnated, and it is accurately cut according to the needs of users. To meet the above requirements, the control system needs to provide a stable unwinding system, an accurate synchronization system, a shearing system, and a dipped amount gap adjustment system to ensure. The entire line uses the Web Alinger to run the main speed. The speed of the feeding roller, metering roller, and conveyor is synchronized with the main speed. The unwinder combines the position of the floating roller, the current roll diameter and the main speed to unwind synchronously.

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