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Application of RTO in spraying organic waste gas
[ Mar 18,2019 ]

RTO regenerative oxidation furnace is a kind of high efficiency organic waste gas treatment equipment. Its principle is around 800 ℃ high temperature will organic compounds (VOCs) in the exhaust oxidized to the corresponding carbon dioxide and water, so as to purify exhaust gas, and recovery of waste heat released by decomposition. Three-compartment RTO has an exhaust gas decomposition efficiency of more than 99% and a heat recovery efficiency of more than 95%. The main structure of RTO consists of combustor, regenerator and switch valve. According to the actual needs of customers, choose different ways of heat recovery and switching valve.

In the spraying industry, paint mist has a large amount of volatilization, and strict pretreatment of paint mist particles in the exhaust gas is required when using RTO for treatment, otherwise, the paint mist carried in the exhaust gas will stay in the heat accumulator, which will completely block the heat accumulator to a certain extent and cause the heat accumulator to fail. At present, the pretreatment methods are divided into dry type, wet type and combination of dry and wet type. The dry type mainly USES fiber cotton to filter the paint mist, while the wet type USES water spray to transfer the paint mist particles into the water body and then treat the waste water. At present, the mainstream pretreatment mainly adopts the method of wet and dry combination, namely water spray + filter cotton +RTO, which can effectively remove the paint mist particles.

RTO waste gas in the combustion chamber to be heated to 800 ℃ or so, after the decomposition of gas purification with high temperature, still so RTO is usually designed for at least two rooms, combustion of waste gas after a standby regenerator for waste heat recovery, after preliminary heat regenerator recycling of waste gas there will still be around 80 ℃, usually at this time can be set in RTO back-end further on waste heat recovery heat exchanger, the use of this part of the heat for water heating, gas source such as preheating, can greatly reduce the operation cost.

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