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Big brands are using granular boards to make cabinets!
[ Jun 11,2019 ]

Recently, many consumers have said,

There’s a very strange problem on the custom wardrobe!

First, many people think that the board of granular board is not environmentally friendly and bad, while the eco-board and multi-layer board are very good and environmentally friendly boards.

Second, no matter the world’s major brands or the well-known domestic first-line and second-line brands, they use granular boards, density boards and so on as cabinets, rarely see the use of ecological boards and multi-layer boards as cabinets.

Thirdly, some unknown brands use multi-layer boards and ecological boards as cabinets.

Is the best brand in the world using the worst board and selling the most expensive price? The world’s worst brands use the best boards and sell low prices?

At present, there are mainly these kinds of home building materials on the market: particleboard (particleboard, damp-proof board), density board (medium-fibre board), ecological board (woodworking board, large core board), multi-layer board (plywood), finger joint board, logs and so on. And in the market, there are basically some famous brands, cabinets generally use particle boards, door panels may be a variety of materials.

Why do big brands choose this way is mainly based on the following reasons:

1. Physical properties

The anti-deformation ability and anti-cracking ability of granular board are higher than those of other boards except density board, the grasping force is higher than density board and some ecological boards, and the moisture-proof ability is higher than density board. Although the waterproof ability is lower than log and multi-layer board, and the strength is lower than multi-layer board, knuckle board and density board, for the customized cabinet body at present, it is on three-in-one fastener, not on it. The physical properties of his defects can be neglected.

In terms of physical properties, granular boards as cabinets are the most suitable for customized products.

2. Environmental Protection Performance

From the point of view of environmental protection performance, we always enter a misunderstanding, which wood is big, which is environmentally friendly. This is a root-cause mistake. All boards are made of wood, no matter how big or small the strips are, they are made of wood. The formaldehyde content of wood itself is about 0.1 mg. The amount of formaldehyde left over is actually the production of glue for sticking boards and the control of production process (including logs). So, what kind of glue board or logs should be used? What kind of technology is the key to decide the environmental protection of the board.

Now there are Urea-formaldehyde glue, Triammonia gum and MDI glue. The formaldehyde content in the glue determines whether the board is environmentally friendly. It has little relationship with the type of board and the size of wood strips.

Particle board and density board are environmental protection industries encouraged by the state, and are also commonly used furniture panels in developed countries abroad.

Its investment threshold is relatively high, so there are some well-known large plate enterprises, and the environmental protection indicators of these large enterprises are very stable, for large furniture brands, this is the core of the purchase indicators.

3. Production Performance

Particle board and density board are more precise in size and compact in interior, which is convenient for large-scale mechanized and electronic control production. However, the dimension accuracy of multi-layer board of ecological board is not enough. Especially, the interior of ecological board is not compact, and good equipment can not be used at all. It is only suitable for some poor equipment and site construction (generally, particle board is not used in site construction, equipment is not feasible, eco-board and knuckle board are often used). 。

4. Costability

Under the same environmental protection index, the cost of eco-panels and multi-layer panels is higher than that of particulate panels. However, note that this is the same environmental protection index. It does not mean that the well-known brands such as Lushuihe and Daya are cheaper than the eco-panels or multi-layer panels currently used in small factories (because they are not the same environmental protection index at all).

So, brand manufacturers are professionals, will not only buy expensive and not buy the right situation, whether physical performance, production performance, environmental performance should be better, why not use cheaper?

In fact, it’s very simple, that’s why big brands basically choose granular boards. Of course, because granular boards can’t be modeled, so their modelling door boards are mostly made of density boards and solid wood logs.

Why do small factories like to use eco-boards and multi-layer boards?

In fact, it is very simple: the production cost of using the same configuration of large brands is lower than that of small factories. Their purchasing cost and mechanized production cost are both low. The only expensive ones are channel cost, brand cost, service cost and operating cost. Small factories can not follow the trend completely because of the problems of purchasing cost and production cost, if that small factory is completely the same as the regular brand configuration (not only is it expensive). Only the cabinet boards) and genuine goods, then the sales price gap will never exceed 5%, in this gap, customers generally will not choose.

Then, there are only two ways to sell low prices and make money. The first one is to fake famous brand particle boards, which has a certain risk. The second is to recommend boards that are not used by big brands and carry out dislocation management. Let customers have no way to compare, even the appearance of this board is better than the particle board and density board, there will be selling points.

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