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Chinese Scientists Successfully Develop New Bionic Artificial Wood
[ Feb 10,2020 ]

Recently, Professor Yu Shuhong’s team at the University of Science and Technology of China has developed a new technology combining ice crystal-induced self-assembly and thermal curing. Based on traditional phenolic resin or melamine resin as a matrix material, a series of natural wood-like oriented channels have been successfully developed Structure of new bionic artificial wood. This series of bionic artificial wood has the advantages of light weight and high strength, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and fire prevention. The research paper was published in Scientific Progress on August 10.
The study of wood-like structures is one of the hot topics in the field of biomimetic materials. However, the mechanical properties of traditional wood-like materials are far from satisfactory. Therefore, how to prepare imitation wood structural materials with real characteristics of light weight and high strength is a challenge faced in the field of biomimetic materials.
The structure (pore wall thickness and pore size) of this new type of bionic artificial wood has good controllability, and it can also compound a variety of nano-materials to prepare multifunctional composite artificial wood, which is easy to scale up. This artificial wood has outstanding mechanical properties, mechanical strength is superior to a variety of wood-like ceramic materials that have been developed, and has comparable properties to natural wood.



Compared with natural wood, bionic artificial wood has the advantages of corrosion resistance, heat insulation and fire resistance, and can quickly self-extinguish after flame ignition. Experts say that as a new type of bionic engineering material, this kind of artificial wood is expected to replace natural wood and achieve applications in harsh or extreme conditions. In addition, this synthesis method provides new ideas for the preparation and processing of a series of high-performance bionic engineering materials, and its functional designability and other advantages will help broaden the application of the method and the prepared materials in various technical fields.

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