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Five Trends in the Development of Wood-based Panels in China
[ Jul 15,2019 ]

The 13th Five-Year Plan of China’s wood-based panel industry started well and developed steadily. The structural reform on the supply side continued to advance and the quality of development continued to improve. With the development of green and innovation, China’s wood-based panel industry will change from big to strong. A kind of
1. The product structure will be further optimized, and the wood-based panels will be more balanced
The product structure of wood-based panels in China will be further optimized. Plywood will continue to rank first in China’s wood-based panel products, and its proportion of all wood-based panel products tends to be stable. The processing residues from plywood production provide strong raw material support for the production of fiberboard and particleboard. Fiberboard will continue to rank second in China’s wood-based panel products. Its proportion of all wood-based panel products will continue to decrease, supply and demand will tend to balance; particleboard will usher in a period of rapid development, the growth rate of production will accelerate, its proportion of all wood-based panel products will continue to increase, and the supply-demand relationship will be reversed. A kind of
2. The environmental protection facilities are being reformed and accelerated, and the supply-side reform has achieved remarkable results
Environmental supervision forces the wood-based panel industry to accelerate the upgrading of environmental protection facilities. The wood-based panel industry must implement the concept of clean production and green development, and promote the upgrading of the industry into an environment-friendly industry, in order to meet the requirements of more stringent pollutant emission standards for wood-based panel industry in the future.
The environmental friendly upgrading and transformation of dry tail gas will be carried out from demonstration and transformation of some enterprises to gradual promotion of the whole industry, effectively reducing pollutant emissions, and the treatment and transformation of compressor tail gas will be promoted step by step. Enterprises that do not meet the pollutant discharge standards will be forced to close down or eliminate, and supply-side reform will be accelerated, with gradual results.
3. Innovation has become the main theme of development, and functional wood-based panel products are constantly emerging.
Fierce market competition forces enterprises to innovate constantly. Developing new environmentally friendly and safe production processes and facilities, and developing technologies and equipment to effectively reduce energy consumption have become the direction and motive force of innovative development of wood-based panel equipment manufacturing. The development of special functional wood-based panels to meet different functional needs has become an innovative point for some enterprises to occupy the market segments. Functional wood-based panels will continue to emerge and varieties will continue to enrich. The development of production process and technology of free formaldehyde products with lower formaldehyde emission or without formaldehyde addition is still the main driving force for the innovation of wood-based panel manufacturers in the future.
4. Increased supply of environmentally friendly green products and the withdrawal of E2 products from the market
Green consumption is becoming a new way of consumption, environmental friendly and high-quality wood-based panel products are more and more popular with consumers. The technological progress and equipment upgrading of China’s wood-based panel industry have promoted the continuous improvement of product quality and the supply of environmentally friendly and high-quality wood-based panels. Free formaldehyde with lower release or without adding formaldehyde products will become the mainstream products of the backbone enterprises. E2 products for interior decoration and decoration will be forced to be eliminated and withdrawn from the market.
5.The production and operation mode is constantly changing, and professional service providers continue to emerge.
Industrial transfer promotes the transformation of production mode of wood-based panel enterprises. Production base and headquarters base and R&D base are gradually separated. Production base is gradually transferred to areas with lower production costs and higher environmental carrying capacity. Production parks are further highlighted, industries are further concentrated, and the layout is increasingly perfect and rational.
Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) technology has been gradually applied in wood-based panel production, promoting the transformation from automation to intelligence, further improving product customization and traceability, and forming a good industrial interaction with downstream smart home manufacturing.
The introduction of new Internet industry promotes the change of the management mode of wood-based panel enterprises. Traditional marketing channels will be impacted to a certain extent, and wood-based panel sales will become more specialized and convenient.
Wood-based panel production services further specialized, professional service providers continue to emerge. Centralized glue manufacturing is expected to make breakthroughs, professional glue manufacturing service providers continue to grow, and industry gathers further.

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