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How to Choose The Right Drying Equipment
[ Feb 11,2020 ]

Generally speaking, buyers can choose the microwave drying equipment suitable for them according to their own situation and after communicating with the manufacturer according to the following points.

Materials to be dried
1. The choice of microwave drying equipment depends on the characteristics of the material in the wet state, physical properties, thermal sensitivity, fluidity, and whether it is easily damaged.
2. the wet form of agricultural products can be divided into liquid and granular forms, such as milk is liquid, you can choose spray drying equipment;
3. If it is in a granular form, such as cereals, it has good fluidity and resistance to rubbing. Tower type high-temperature drying equipment can be used, and low-temperature drying equipment can also be used to obtain better drying results.
4. Materials with a certain size, such as shiitake mushrooms, chrysanthemums, etc., whose forms are easily destroyed, use drying equipment in a static state, such as cabinet drying equipment, flat bed drying equipment, far-infrared drying equipment, etc.


Economic terms
1. With good economic conditions, an automatic control drying device with a computer can be selected. As long as a drying program is set, automatic drying can be performed, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator and ensures the quality of agricultural products drying.
2. Choose some simple traditional drying equipment with poor economic conditions.


Energy conditions
When selecting drying equipment, you must also consider the local energy situation and make full use of local resources.
1. If there are many local coals, you can choose coal drying equipment.
2. In plain areas, you can consider using electric drying equipment;
3. mountainous areas may consider the use of firewood as fuel drying equipment.


Above all, you should ask some questions about the accessories of the drying equipment when purchasing. What accessories to use, whether there is a three-guarantee policy, how long is the warranty period, whether it is a lifetime warranty, and some other policies that will benefit future equipment maintenance. The three guarantees are different concepts of repair, replacement, return, and warranty. I hope that our customers will recognize them when they purchase, and do not be deceived.


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