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How to Produce MFC
[ Feb 5,2020 ]

What is MFC? MFC, also known as melamine faced chipboard, which is used to make most office furniture. There are several particleboard thicknesses to choose from, but the industry standard is usually 25mm thick. Essentially, MFC is a real wood grain that is repeatedly printed on melamine paper and heat treated onto the chipboard. These panels can be used to make furniture, as well as on tables, workstations, cabinets and bases.

Two raw materials are needed to produce MFC: melamine paper and plain chipboard. There are two ways to produce MFC:
1. By purchasing melamine base paper and plain chipboard to produce MFC, a short cycle laminating press is required.
2. To produce MFC by producing melamine paper and plain chipboard yourself, you need the paper impregnation line (impregnate and dry furniture decorative paper, surface paper, balance paper, wear-resistant paper, HPL surface paper, etc. with melamine resin or its modified glue or urea resin), plain chipboard production lines and short cycle laminators.

Among them, due to the large amount of investment required, we strongly recommend that you purchase the plain chipboard production line from the outside.

The paper impregnation line, as a professional manufacturer and supplier of wood-based panel machinery, has provided a one-stop solution for impregnated raw lines and waste gas incinerators for 20 years. Including professional production lines and strong technical support.

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