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India has launched an environmentally friendly alternative to plywood
[ Aug 24,2019 ]

INDOWUD Polymer Private Limited, a sales company based in Milam City, and an innovative panel product manufacturer. Natural Fiber Composite (NFC) board INDOWUD was introduced in Chennai.
INDOWUD looks, feels and functions like natural wood or plywood, but it is not made of wood. The raw material of this innovative product is natural fiber, agricultural residue, non-toxic. Hot water bottles and natural polymers. INDOWUD is also 100% recycled, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to wood and plywood or particleboard, medium or high density fiberboard.
INDOWUD is also superior in function because it is easy to drill, screw, cut, saw, and destroy traditional woodworking tools. In addition, it is easy to varnish, glue, paint and polish. INDOWUD does not leave cracks, swelling, warping or splitting. Fire resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, fungal attack resistance and decay resistance. It can shield against ultraviolet radiation.
Referring to INDOWUD, Mr. B-L-Bengani, Chairman of INDOWUD Polymer Private Limited, said: “In the context of raising awareness of global warming, the demand for environmentally friendly alternatives to natural wood and plywood is growing. INDOWUD is our responsibility to meet this urgent need. It was born in a three-year research project. Its production does not require cutting down any tree. We only need local natural fibers and farm byproducts.“
Bengani adds that one of the key highlights of INDOWUD is its strength. The highest density of INDOWUD NFC is 850 KG (CBM) per cubic meter, while the density of plywood is less than 750 KG/CBM. The density of PVC and HDF reached 500 KG/CBM and 700 KG/CBM respectively.
INDOWUD NFC has high screw and screw retention strength – this is an irresistible feature of external and internal decoration and fine wood work products, in the application of balconies, gardens, balconies, bathrooms, kitchen swimming pools and seaside furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, partitions, fences, signs and so on.
INDOWUD is made in India. The company purchases natural fibers, agricultural organic materials and minerals from the local market. Farms, as well as from Japan and Korea. It produces INDOWUDs of different sizes ranging from 6mm to 25mm. This product is suitable for all leading products. The distributor is in… It’s Tamil Nadu, and the southern states.

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