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Manufacturing process of melamine veneer decorative wood-based panel
[ Mar 18,2019 ]

1. Melamine board definition
A decorative material obtained by laminating a surface paper, a decorative paper, a cover paper, and a plurality of layers of a base paper impregnated with a phenol resin, which are impregnated with a melamine resin, and then hot pressed under high pressure. Commonly known as plastic veneer.The artificial board with its veneer is called melamine resin decorative board veneer artificial board.

2. Manufacturing process
The high-pressure laminate manufacturing process is to laminate various impregnated papers according to their functions and sequences to form a laminated slab. Under the high temperature and high pressure of the hot press, the resin is subjected to polycondensation reaction, and the paper and the resin are composited into one body, and finally solidified to form Laminated decorative panel with excellent performance.
The impregnated paper is determined according to the thickness of the product, and the combined layers are combined according to the performance requirements of the product in a certain lamination manner. For example: 0.8mm thick single-sided laminate, generally composed of 1 sheet of paper, 1 decorative paper, 5 sheets of 120g/m2 kraft paper, and a release layer; 1.2mm thick double-sided laminate is The two sides are symmetrical, that is, one surface paper and one decorative paper are placed on each side, and eight sheets of bottom paper made of 120 g/m2 kraft paper are combined in the middle.

Single-sided laminate combination and double-sided laminate combination

1. Surface paper 2. Decorative paper 3. Bottom paper 4. Release layer
1. Surface paper 2. Decorative paper 3. Bottom paper
When the decorative paper in the laminated slab is light in color or poor in hiding, it is necessary to add a layer of covering paper under the decorative paper, the color of which should be consistent with the color of the decorative paper to prevent the penetration of the underlying paper glue and keep the surface of the paper. The beauty and tone of the real. After the overlay paper is applied, a layer of the base paper needs to be reduced to keep the thickness of the laminate unchanged.

In short, when the various impregnated papers are combined into a blank, they are pre-stacked in order according to the performance requirements of the laminate to prevent the layer from being reversed, the release layer or the folding or inclusions from occurring. The working environment of the blank combination should be clean and free of pollution.

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