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Ministry of Ecology and Environment: Issuing Technical Specifications for Man-made Panels Applying for Pollution Discharge Permit
[ Sep 22,2019 ]

Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the Technical Specification for Application and Issuance of Discharge Permits for Wood-based Panel Industry (HJ1032-2019) (hereinafter referred to as “Wood-based Panel Technical Specification”) to comprehensively promote the reform of the sewage discharge permit system. At present, the application and issuance function of pollutant discharge permit has been officially launched, and the pollutant discharge units of relevant industries can formally declare the pollutant discharge permit in the national pollutant discharge permit management information platform.

The “Technical Specification for Wood-based Panels” stipulates the basic requirements for filling in the application and issuance of pollutant discharge permits for pollutant discharge units in wood-based panels industry, the determination of allowable emission limits, the technical methods for actual discharge accounting and compliance determination, as well as the requirements for environmental management such as self-monitoring, environmental management account and implementation report of pollutant discharge permits. The feasible technical reference requirements for pollution prevention and control in wood-based panel industry were put forward.
This standard is applicable to the application form of pollutant discharge permit for the pollutant discharge units of wood-based panel industry and the relevant application information for the national pollutant discharge permit management information platform. It is also applicable to guide the approval and approval authorities to determine the requirements of pollutant discharge permit for wood-based panel industry.

1. Simplifying the Requirements for Declaration of Basic Conditions of Sewage Disposal Units
In the production process of wood-based panels, pollution control and environmental management should focus on the following pollution-producing links: fiberboard preparation section, paving and hot pressing section, wool board processing section, sanding and cutting section, particleboard shaving production section, particleboard drying and sorting section, particleboard sizing section, paving and hot pressing section. The emission of pollutants from the production sections of plywood and other wood-based panels is relatively small. On the basis of fully considering the characteristics of industrial pollution, the standard focuses on the main production and discharge links, and simplifies the relevant requirements for the declaration of basic situation of pollutant discharge units.
2. Determination of main and general outlets of exhaust gas pollutants
Emphasis should be placed on the management of drying exhaust gas outlets in the production of fiberboard and Particleboard in sewage discharge units as the main outlets. Discharge outlets included in simplified management of pollutant discharge units are general ones.
If the hot-pressed exhaust gas is not incinerated, it will be managed as an organized discharge outlet; if the air supply and dust removal system of paving, sanding, sawing, sorting and other sections is conveyed under negative pressure, the exhaust gas outlet will be managed as a general discharge outlet, and if it is conveyed under positive pressure, it will be included in the non-organized discharge management. Exhaust gas outlets in drying, pressing, sawing and sanding sections of plywood and other wood-based panels are managed as general outlets.
III. Approval of Permitted Emissions
At present, the main outlets of enterprises in the volatile organic compounds use industry are not allowed to discharge, but take the emission concentration as the grasp, refine the feasible technical requirements of volatile organic compounds treatment in the technical specifications, enhance the ability of the industry to organize emission control, and strengthen the effect of pollutant emission reduction.
The allowable discharge amount of the main discharge outlet of the pollutant discharging unit is calculated on the basis of the allowable emission concentration limit value, the base discharge amount, the production capacity of the main products and the annual operation time. The standard stipulates the conversion value of the base discharge amount of the main discharge outlet of the pollutant discharging unit for the production of fiberboard and particleboard.

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