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Multiple batches of impregnation paper laminated wooden floor spot check failed
[ Mar 18,2019 ]

Recently, the official website of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China announced the national supervision and spot check on the quality of 31 kinds of products such as the second batch of household electric washing machines in 2017. The results show that the impregnated paper laminated wood flooring products are produced by 8 enterprises. The batch products are unqualified, and the unqualified items are mainly the water absorption thickness expansion rate, surface wear resistance and formaldehyde emission.

This time, a total of 120 batches of impregnated paper laminated wood flooring products produced by 120 enterprises in 13 provinces (municipalities) such as Beijing, Shanghai, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui were sampled. The number of random inspection enterprises accounted for about the production of such products nationwide. 14% of the total number of companies. The results show that Jiangsu Province’s nominal production enterprise “Wujin District Henglin Ou Dian Decoration Material Factory”, the specification is “812mm × 136mm × 12mm”, the model is “2108”, the production date / batch number is “2017-04-05” impregnation Paper laminated wooden floor, impregnated laminated wood flooring of Zhejiang Province, the nominal production enterprise of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Tianzhen Bamboo Development Co., Ltd., with the specification of “809mm×148mm×12mm” and the production batch number “2017-01-05” 8 batches of products from 8 companies were not qualified.

In addition, on August 16, Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau conducted a supervision and inspection on the quality of impregnated paper laminated wood flooring products produced and sold in Shanghai. The results showed that a total of 40 batches of products were inspected and 4 batches were unqualified. The unqualified items involved include static bending strength, surface bonding strength, surface wear resistance, and formaldehyde emission. Among them, the nominal production enterprise is “Shanghai Guoxuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd.”, the specification model is “712/813×136”, and the production date/batch number is “unlabeled/March 26, 2017” impregnated paper laminated wood. Four batches of products from four companies including flooring failed.

On August 21, the official website of the Changzhou Quality Supervision Bureau released the results of supervision and spot checks on the product quality of 50 flooring manufacturers in the city. The results showed that 50 batches of products were randomly selected and 4 batches were unqualified. The main problem is that the surface wear and formaldehyde emission items are unqualified.

The wood flooring products in this spot check include three types of impregnated paper laminate facing multi-layer parquet, impregnated paper laminated wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring. The results of the spot check showed that the impregnated paper laminate facing multi-layer solid wood composite flooring of Shanghai Shuaiyuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Changzhou Branch and Wujin District Henglin Shenganguo Flooring Factory, Shimei Yida Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and Xuxu Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. The company’s sampled products of impregnated paper laminated wood flooring were all unqualified.

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