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Panel furniture facing material science
[ Mar 18,2019 ]

The common finishing materials for panel furniture are thin wood (commonly known as veneer) thin wood (commonly known as veneer), melamine impregnated paper, wood grain paper (commonly known as sticker), PVC rubber sheet, polyester paint surface (commonly known as baking paint). The rear three finishes are typically used for mid- to low-end furniture, while natural veneer finishes are used for high-end products. Panel furniture is made of medium-density fiberboard or particleboard for surface veneering. A large part of this type of furniture is wood grain simulation furniture. The veneer of some panel furniture sold on the market is more and more realistic, the gloss and feel are good, and the products with fine craftsmanship are also very expensive.

1. Melamine veneer
After printing the surface of the decorative paper, it is impregnated with melamine glue to form a melamine finish paper, which is then pressed onto the sheet substrate by high temperature. Because it requires high flatness of the substrate surface of the board, it is commonly used for the surface finish of particle board and medium density board. Such plates, which have been decorated with melamine pressure veneers, are usually called melamine plates. The surface texture is realistic, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and waterproof. It is suitable for production and is mainly used for panel furniture. Manufacturing.
The melamine board has the thickness (gram weight) of the decorative paper. There are imported paper and domestic paper. The surface printing ink has the distinction between imported ink and domestic ink, and the effect is also very different.
According to the different steel plates when the decorative paper is hot pressed, it is divided into different effects such as smooth surface, jade surface, relief, cloth pattern, corrugated surface, rain screen surface, etc.

2. Solid wood veneer
The solid wood skin is attached to the MDF/chipboard/multi-layer solid wood board by high-temperature hot pressing machine, and it becomes a solid wood veneer. Because the veneer has imported and domestically divided, the valuable wood and the ordinary wood are divided. Larger, so according to the material type and thickness of the solid wood skin, the grade of the solid wood veneer panel is determined. The surface of the solid wood veneer must be painted, because the veneer and the paint process are different, the same veneer is easy to make different effects, so the solid wood veneer has higher requirements on the skin and the paint process. Because of its true feel, natural and high grade, the solid wood veneer is the main veneer used in high-end furniture at home and abroad, but the relative materials and manufacturing costs are relatively high. At present, a kind of scientific veneer is popular in China, which is favored by consumers because of its natural and natural texture, numerous patterns, no color difference and large size.

3. The cat’s eye paper veneer
Cat’s eye paper is a relatively thin decorative paper (also known as Boeing film). The material is mostly PVC. It is covered with white latex and applied to the surface of the furniture. Due to its ease of milling and styling, it is mainly used for the surface finish of medium density fiberboard. At the same time, the cat’s eye paper finish, the wear resistance is poor, it is easy to leave scratches, easy to change the bubble, but the relative cost is low. At present, it is the preferred finishing method for many finished furniture in China.

4. Solid wood veneer, fireproof board facing
The solid wood sheet (the surface needs to be painted on site) and the fire board are glued to the above types of substrates, and are mainly used for the wood-made partial surface finish of the wood hand-made. Because the amount of glue used in bonding is very large, the taste is very pungent, extremely environmentally friendly, and at the same time, due to the quality of the applied effect, the sizing and pasting processes are different, and it is easy to foam and fall off.

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