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Production Process of Impregnated Paper
[ Feb 13,2020 ]

The impregnated decorative paper has been widely used in furniture, vehicle manufacturing, construction, shipbuilding, interior decoration and other industries, and occupy a considerable market share due to the advantages of less production materials, low energy consumption, fewer processes, low cost, etc., as well as beautiful appearance, a certain surface has abrasion resistance, heat resistance, pollution resistance, easy cleaning and other properties.

However, due to the differences in production equipment, technical level, and use of raw materials by various manufacturers, the quality of melamine paper on the market is currently uneven. In order to ensure the quality of melamine paper, high-quality raw materials, advanced production equipment, and advanced technology are all indispensable elements in production. Among them, the impregnating paper processing technology is an important part of the production of decorative panels, and the requirements for each element are even more stringent. The excellent characteristics of the appearance and surface of the decorative panel almost completely benefit from the good impregnation process.

Processing of impregnated paper is divided into 6 stages:

Preparation, humidification, impregnation, gluing, drying and post-treatment. During the processing, we have strict control at each stage of removing static electricity, water content, sizing amount, wind speed, drying temperature, cooling temperature, storage link, storage cleanliness, and operator handling.
The impregnated paper has higher requirements on the base paper and the resin. In the process of making glue, the resin has improved elasticity and can prevent the surface from being brittle. A variety of additives such as curing agents and mold release agents must be added to the resin, and the proportion must be appropriate. This requires a high level of technical skills and rigorous work attitude of the operating technicians. Otherwise, any link will cause problems and cause waste.
In recent years, the formaldehyde emission of impregnated paper has become the most environmentally friendly product when consumers buy products. In addition to the environmental protection indicators of the base material itself, the impregnated paper has a great impact on the formaldehyde emission of the product during the production of decorative paper . Due to different equipment and processes of different manufacturers, the formaldehyde emission of impregnated paper is also different. The formulations of resin gums from different manufacturers are quite different. For example, the molar ratio of the materials, the performance of the additives, the reaction temperature, and the time will cause the degree of formaldehyde to participate in the reaction to be different, which ultimately affects the environmental performance indicators of impregnated paper.


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