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Reasons for Melamine-impregnated Paper Pleated and Broken
[ Mar 3,2020 ]

In the production process of melamine impregnated paper, sometimes pleating or paper breakage may occur. What is the reason for this? Here paper impregnation line manufacturer tell you why:
Firstly, when producing melamine-impregnated paper, the brake of the unwinder is too strong, the position of the guide roller is incorrect, or it may be that the pressure roller on the prepreg roller is too close to the prepreg roller.

Secondly, it may be that the paper dipped in the glue tank is too strong, or the paper tension in the dryer is too high.

Thirdly, it is caused by the improper volatile content of the paper between the exit of the first dryer section and the screen roller.

Finally, this problem can also be caused by uneven base paper weight and wrinkles, cracks and insufficient wet tensile strength of the base paper.
If melamine-impregnated paper has pleated or broken paper, it is mainly caused by these aspects. I hope everyone can understand this.


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