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Research status of wood-based panel machinery in China
[ Mar 18,2019 ]

In the 21st century, China’s wood-based panel machinery manufacturing industry has entered an important period of change. On the one hand, it has been reflected in the reform of the operating mechanism of industrial enterprises. Enterprises have shown strong alliances; on the other hand, they are reflected in the development trend of products, with high-end and advanced The science and technology are the support. Under the policy of the state’s reform of the operating mechanism of industrial enterprises, a number of state-owned wood-based panel machinery enterprises began to reform.

In 1998, Suzhou Forestry Machinery Factory was the main sponsor, and Formosa Co., Ltd. was formally established. In November 2000, the company’s 30 million A shares were officially issued on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed company in the domestic wood-based panel machinery industry. The funds raised have created very favorable conditions for the operation and development of the company. In September 2001, another well-known wood-based panel machinery manufacturer in China, Zhenjiang Forestry Machinery Factory, also officially joined Sufuma Co., Ltd., achieving the first substantial strength in the industry. This initiative has greatly enhanced The strength of the company in the competition in this industry. In addition, Xinyang Woodworking Machinery Factory and Northwest Wood-based Panel Machinery Factory have also been restructured. Xinyang Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. and Northwest Zhengda Wood-based Panel Machinery Co., Ltd. have been established. The Shanghai Artificial Tie Machinery Factory was officially reorganized in 2002. Shanghai Wood-based Panel Machinery Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shangling Electric listed company; Sichuan Donghua Machinery Factory is also undergoing restructuring. At the same time as the old enterprises of wood-based panel machinery were restructured, attracted by the wood-based panel machinery market, a large number of private small and medium-sized enterprises have devoted themselves to this industry, which has further strengthened the strength of China’s wood-based panel machinery manufacturing. They rely on the state-owned key enterprises to drive and operate in a flexible manner and develop very rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 180 wood-based panel machinery manufacturing enterprises in China, and the number of private enterprises has accounted for more than 70% of the total number of wood-based panel machinery enterprises.

During this period, the research and development of wood-based panel machinery products paid more attention to independent innovation, and the research and development of high-tech and integrated supporting equipment were successively successful and put into production. In 2002, the domestic prototype of the hot mill with belt spiral feeding system was born. After improvement, in 2003, this type of hot mill was applied to the MDF production line in Kaiping, Guangdong. At the beginning of 2005, it was further researched, improved and perfected. The spindle system with mechanical seal structure and the belt screw feeding system, and the domestic second-generation new type of hot mill complying with the new type of hot mill were successfully used in a company in Fujian. In 2005, Zhenjiang Zhongfu Machinery Co., Ltd. developed a medium and high density fiberboard production line with an annual output of 80,000 m3. The first 8-inch wide and 45-meter double-belt flat-press continuous press developed by Shanghai Wood-based Panel Machinery Co., Ltd. completed the in-plant commissioning in June 2006. It is the largest intellectual property in China and the largest in Asia. The press, and with the successful launch in Slovakia in September of that year, Nissan particle board 1400m3. Shanghai Man-made Board Factory Co., Ltd. has developed a ContiPlus continuous press line with a width of 4 feet. It has been successfully operated in Europe since 2007. At the same time, it has developed a large-scale medium-density fiberboard equipment with an annual output of 120,000 m3, which is exported to foreign countries. Zhenjiang Zhongfu Machinery Co., Ltd. designed and manufactured the latest domestic 48-inch thermal grinder in 2008. It was successfully commissioned and delivered in Jiangsu Dongdun Taihe Wood Co., Ltd., suitable for an annual output of 12-15 thousand cubic meters. The medium density fiberboard production line has changed the situation that China’s large medium density fiberboard production line thermal mill is completely dependent on imports. In 2009, the company developed China’s largest 52/54-inch thermal mill, the largest BX2116 drum chipper in China, and an OSB particleboard production line with an annual output of 50,000 cubic meters. It leads the machinery of China’s wood-based panel preparation section. The direction of development.

During this period, Shenyang Kelin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. successfully developed M3200 longitudinal inlaid double veneer hot press and S1600 cross traveling plate double veneer hot press; Sichuan Xinyijiang Artificial Board Machinery Co., Ltd. developed chipper and machinery Vacuum fiber paving machine, continuous pre-pressing machine, chilling cooling conveyor, rotor dryer, etc.; Jiangsu Weimei Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a production line for raw wood stripping, which are typical representatives. China Fuma Machinery Group Co., Ltd., China Academy of Forestry and other scientific research units and enterprises jointly developed a large-scale artificial board continuous flat press with independent intellectual property rights, which enhanced the independent innovation capability of the industry from a strategic level and filled the domestic gap. Significantly improved the technical level of wood and bamboo processing and manufacturing in China, broke through the patent blockade on the artificial board flat press in foreign countries, and formed the automatic PLC automatic process control system and technology of continuous press with independent intellectual property rights, high frequency of continuous press In response to the hydraulic flat servo equipment and process technology such as hydraulic servo control system and technology, the prototype and finalization of the 150,000 cubic meters/year wood-based continuous flat press were completed.

While China’s wood-based panel machinery and equipment has made progress, many problems have become increasingly prominent. For example, the scattered business model has led to vicious competition among industries. Some enterprises lack independent innovation, and the production is mechanized, numerically controlled, and the level of automation is still low. Out of production process, low resource utilization, and international derailment, if these problems are not solved properly, it will restrict the progress and development of China’s wood-based panel machinery and equipment for a long time.

3 Development Countermeasures of China’s Wood-based Panel Machinery

On the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced experience, China’s wood-based panel machinery industry should take the road of self-development, adhere to the combination of technology introduction and independent innovation, and introduce the introduction of technical equipment as a new starting point for independent innovation, and cultivate China’s wood-based panel machinery based on national conditions. Independent brand and core competitiveness. In view of the current problems of wood-based panel machinery in China, the following countermeasures are recommended:

1) To achieve complementary advantages and strong alliances among enterprises, encourage mergers and reorganizations of enterprises, build large-scale enterprise groups, enhance the innovation capability and core competitiveness of enterprises, improve the market financing ability of enterprises, consolidate the domestic market, and seize the international market; The technology upgrade of the old enterprises has been upgraded to an important position. Through the technological improvement of the old enterprises and the strengthening of modern technical services, the product quality is improved and the profit is maintained. The products must be accurately positioned, give play to their own advantages, and expand their economic and technological strength. Combining innovation and independent innovation, we will change and commit to gradually solve the problems existing in China’s wood-based panel machinery industry and build famous brand enterprises.

2) It is necessary to strengthen the awareness and ability to keep pace with the development of world advanced technology, and make great progress in the automatic control, monitoring services, energy utilization and environmental protection of domestic wood-based panel production lines. Establish a scientific development concept, adhere to scientific and technological progress, strengthen the level of automation and numerical control of wood-based panel machinery and production lines, achieve precise production, improve labor productivity of all employees, improve the grade of wood-based panel machinery products, and strive to narrow the gap with advanced countries; Research and development and vigorously promote energy-saving equipment and technology, wastewater treatment technology and high-efficiency dust removal devices, fully understand the constraints of wood resources on the production of wood-based panels in China, research and develop wood-based panel machinery for a variety of biomass materials, improve resource utilization, and A resource-saving, environment-friendly, and sustainable path.

3) Strengthen research and development of host equipment and key process technologies. The wood-based panel machinery factory should cooperate with domestic universities and research institutes or set up special artificial board technology research institutions to strengthen the research on wood-based panel technology to improve the design and manufacture of machinery and completely change the current process research and mechanical development. In the situation of separation, we will focus on the development of industrialized technologies and equipment for the production of wood-based panels with Chinese characteristics and independent intellectual property rights, and increase the domestic market share; small enterprises should create high-level key components with characteristics and produce related supporting products for large-scale ancillary equipment; Taking advantage of the advantages of various professional factories, we will do a good job in each component to form a multi-volume, high-precision production, reduce the cost of machinery and improve the technical level.

4) China’s wood-based panel machinery manufacturing enterprises, in addition to improving the quality of their own processed parts, must also extensively carry out international support, improve the internal quality and work reliability of domestically produced machinery, improve the operating rate and product quality of production lines, and effectively occupy the international market; As China has joined the WTO, tariffs have fallen, which is conducive to adopting internationally-accomplished methods, adopting the same level of external parts as foreign advanced wood-based panel machinery manufacturing enterprises, plus high-level manufacturing and processing of professional parts, and utilizing Chinese labor costs and management. Low cost advantage, participate in competition with high cost performance; support foreign key equipment, improve the overall technical level of wood-based panel production line, reduce equipment investment, promote the upgrading of wood-based panel industry, expand the growth space of wood-based panel industry, and enhance international competitiveness To achieve high value-added development of the wood-based panel industry.

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