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Paper Impregnation Process
[ Jan 19,2020 ]

In the MDF / PB / Plywood chemical structure, there is MF / UF as veneer / wood fiber adhesive. As we all know, the same elements are easier to combine. For decorative printing paper, a common concept is to apply the same glue on the paper core; MF also has its characteristics, it will melt at a certain pressure at 1800 ° C. This is the origin of the “melamine impregnation inpregnation line”.

In addition, melamine formaldehyde glue, it takes time to penetrate into the network fiber structure of the paper core, which is the permeability of the paper; MF glue melts into the paper core, and also has its solid properties, which usually become hard under its timing diagram. The classic formula for the impregnation line is the front 2 ovens and rear 4 ovens. Due to the limitation of the length of the workshop, a 2 + 3 oven model is also used. For paper quality, it is difficult to avoid melamine overheating or less heating while avoiding excessive steam on the paper surface or the paper surface being crisp.

Melamine formaldehyde resin will melt again at a temperature of 1800, we call it the second melting point. At this temperature, MF resin can only enter MDF / PB / veneer fiber structure through melamine paper. Leaving the second melting point, the melamine paper on the MDF will maintain its robustness. After the second melting point and cooling begins, the melamine paper on the MDF gets its solidity.

Loose MDF / HDF means less dense MDF / HDF. Now, tailor-made loose MDF / MDF is softer than ordinary MDF, and it is easier to encounter melamine before door skin mold molding Paper, which guarantees the pass rate of the finished product.


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