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What are the main types of impregnated paper used for melamine veneers
[ Mar 18,2019 ]

1. The base paper:
Melamine impregnated paper is divided into plain paper and printing paper, wear-resistant paper three categories. According to the use of the product can be divided into surface paper and paper base two categories. Plain color paper has primary color paper and printing paper to distinguish, base paper is best, hue is pure, not easy to change color, printing paper hue is not even.
Wood grain paper, is to be printed on the basis of the original paper, according to the realistic requirements of wood grain, the number of printing roll is also different.
Art printing paper: senjia’s art series is the most advanced.

2. The ink:
Printing ink, melamine wood grain paper used for water-based ink. There are domestic ink and imported ink. The main difference is the duration of weather resistance. Identify the quality of printing, you can use a magnifying glass to watch the number of “white”, if too much white, will affect the purity of the hue, in addition to the naked eye can see a lot of white, the quality is very general. Worth. In addition, there is no tomo, the color is not allowed.
If the color is burnt, ink quality is not good.

3. The content of melamine determines the wear resistance of the surface of melamine. Moisture and mildew proof quality.
The best impregnated paper, melamine content of 100%, followed by 70%, most of the current use of 70% impregnated paper. Pure melamine-impregnated paper shelf life of more than 1 year.
The worst number of the flow of sugar gum, as melamine gum, if exposed to the air for 5 minutes, immediately appear bond state, so many people said to be placed in the air conditioning room, to prevent the occurrence of early bond, solidification. Sugar, soluble in water, therefore no moisture, not long, because of the reason to wipe, the surface of the protective layer is easy to wipe off the melting. Also accordingly, the manufacturer that produces candy gummy paper to change this problem, added hardener of more weight, can appear so a week or 15 days will expire, the quality problem that solidifies ahead of schedule. Simple test method: put wet towel on stick face plate, the next day sees the change of the surface, whether bubble, uplift. Whether the surface gloss is damaged after wiping.
There is a impregnated paper, using urea formaldehyde glue, the proportion of melamine is 60%,50%,40%,30%. Although better than sugar gum, but the shelf life can only reach 3 months, some less. The simple identification method is: when the fire burns the surface of the board, there is a smell of urea. The same thing with E1,E2,E0.

4. Weight (thickness) of paper
Melamine paper according to the color needs, printing needs, impregnation out of the paper rate needs and the need for many purposes
Category: 70 g, 80 g, 85 g, 90 g, 110 g, 120 g, 135 g, etc.
General pressure titanium white pock on the domestic 80 grams can be, but pressure matte surface is not, will produce the phenomenon of bottom penetration. Warm white, beige matte surface no more than 110 will also produce penetration. And the 85 grams that produce hemp face, 90 grams are ok.

5. Curing agent
A simple melamine board is also involved in the problem of stain resistance, in addition to the difference in the dip glue, there is an important factor that the quality of curing agent. There is a distinction between imports and domestic products.

6. Wear-resisting paper
Wear-resistant paper is a kind of impregnated with aluminum trioxide melamine veneer paper. Wear-resisting paper makes aggrandizement compound floor surface layer is bright, wear-resisting. It has high transparency, wear resistance, no defects, fire prevention, easy maintenance and other characteristics.
Wear-resisting paper has 18 grams, 22 grams, 45 grams to wait for a few kinds, according to the different production craft, wear-resisting coefficient also is different. At present wear-resisting paper is applied more in floor of aggrandizement wood. Good abrasion resistant paper can withstand a test of 6000 RPM. Furniture board is not used in large quantities at present.

7. Decorative base paper
The weight range of grams is 70 ~ 110g/m2. Also known as “melamine impregnated paper, titanium white paper”, hiding power, weather resistance (color fastness) excellent, the base paper after printing, dip glue used for laminate flooring, office furniture pressboard.

8. Melamine-impregnated coated paper
Features: can be used for particle board, medium density fiberboard, or hard fiberboard and other substrate veneer. And there are natural decorative effects and damage resistance, acid and alkali resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and other advantages. Protection: between 55% and 65% relative humidity, temperature, 10 to 30 ℃ and sealed storage conditions.

9. Also paint paper, pu paper, etc
Pre-impregnated paper and post-impregnated paper can also be produced according to the different process and use requirements. At present, some enterprises began to produce softening melamine-impregnated paper, can be bent but not broken paper.
Therefore, the quality of the board and the quality of the wood-based board itself, but also the surface of melamine impregnated paper has a great relationship. As a consumer, can not covet cheap as a basis for procurement. It is recommended to learn more and consult more relevant knowledge. Good quality is the reliable product.

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