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What is melamine paper
[ Mar 18,2019 ]

The full name of melamine impregnated paper is melamine impregnated paper. The base paper with special properties is impregnated with a colorless and transparent melamine formaldehyde resin, and the rubber is uniformly infiltrated into the paper fibers by immersion, and then the impregnated paper is dried to remove volatiles such as water and solvent. The specific process parameters are controlled according to the purpose of the paper and the secondary pressing parameters. For related content, please refer to my blog post to explore the secondary dipping process and its feasibility. The impregnation process of the base paper is as follows:

The base paper is fully and uniformly impregnated with the resin liquid to achieve the required resin content. After the glue is dipped, the solvent and some volatiles are removed by a drying device to cause the polycondensation of the resin to a certain extent, and a part of the volatile matter remains to ensure the impregnated paper is During the hot pressing process, the resin has sufficient flow when it is in a molten state.

After the various base papers are dipped and dried, they are sealed with a plastic film and stored in a constant temperature and humidity environment. The temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius and the humidity is about 50-60%.

When used, the various impregnated papers are reasonably matched, and laid on the surface of particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard to form a slab, which is heated and pressurized in a hot press, and the heating temperature is generally 180-200. Celsius, the specific temperature is adjusted according to the type of glue and the type of curing agent. In order to obtain a good surface gloss, a cold-hot-cold hot pressing process can be used, that is, when the slab enters the press, the hot plate temperature is lower than 70 degrees Celsius, so as to prevent partial curing of the resin, and then heating and pressurizing, before releasing the pressure Lower the hot pressing temperature and reduce it to 70 degrees Celsius to open the hot plate. The use pressure is about 6-10 MPa. In this way, the melamine board is made.

At present, the melamine decorative board has a wide range of uses because it has the advantages of wear resistance, resistance, moisture resistance, resource saving, stability and deformation resistance, and is widely used for the surface of wood products such as floors and furniture, and the products are durable and relatively inexpensive. Greatly welcomed by consumers.

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