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  • Two-step Paper Impregnation Line

    Two-step paper impregnation line mainly includes the introduction of base paper, paper receiving, impregnation, drying, cooling, web alinger, watre cooling, rotary servo cutting and automatic stacking. It uses the frequency conversion… ...

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  • High Speed Paper Impregnation Line

    High speed paper impregnation line, the latest drying box design is adopted to change the previous high-temperature and high-speed error concept, and the large-air volume low-temperature drying technology is adopted to… ...

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  • One-step Paper Impregnation Line

    One-step paper impregnation line has the advantages of wide application range, high production efficiency, good quality of finished products, and low energy consumption. Nantong huashunda wood-based panel machinery co., LTD…. ...

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  • Prepreg Impregnation Line

    Prepreg impregnation line is suitable for 7628, 2116, 1080 fiberglass, felt, kraft paper impregnation, drying, rewinding and length cut. Especially in impregnation of FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3 and other prepregs. It… ...

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  • Low Noise Fiberglass Cloth Impregnation Line

    Low noise fiberglass cloth impregnation line has the characteristics of convenient operation, high degree of automation, low energy consumption, high-speed, uniform gluing, and high cutting accuracy. It is divided into two parts:… ...

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