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  • Exhaust Gas Incinerator

    Exhaust gas incinerator is used to destroy harmful gases at high temperatures, and to decompose organic matter into inorganic substances (carbon dioxide and water) to achieve exhaust gas emission and… ...

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  • Air Pollution Control Equipment

    Air pollution control equipment is suitable for the purification of medium and high concentration organic waste gas produced by the same impregnation line.The treatment technique is particularly suitable for heat… ...

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  • Gas Incinerator

    Gas incinerator is suitable for treating high temperature, small air volume, medium and high concentration organic waste gas. The types of organic solvents that can be treated include esters, alcohols,… ...

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  • Air Pollution Control Devices

    Our air pollution control devices are RTO and RCO. At present, some countries have begun to use RCO technology to replace CO in the purification of organic waste gas, and… ...

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  • Incinerator For Waste Gas

    Incinerator for waste gas is to use the auxiliary fuel burning heat, raising the temperature of flammable harmful gases to the reaction temperature, thereby oxidizing and decomposing of the equipment…. ...

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  • Fume Incinerator

    Fume incinerator is a process for catalytically purifying exhaust gas. The exhaust gas is sent to the heat exchanger through a pipe and heated to the initial temperature required for… ...

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  • Fume Incinerator Burners

    RCO catalytic incinerator (organic waste gas) is the waste gas containing organic pollutants. Under the action of catalyst platinum and palladium, the organic pollutants in the waste gas can be… ...

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  • Pollution Control Fume Incinerators

    Pollution control fume incinerators are also called exhaust gas incinerators. They use gas or fuel to directly burn and heat the exhaust gas containing organic solvents. Under high temperature, organic… ...

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  • Waste Heat Recovery Incinerators

    Waste heat recovery incinerators is suitable for impregnation and drying equipment, waste gas treatment and oil chemical industry, medicine and other industries of harmful gas purification. It is an exhaust… ...

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  • Rto Fume Incinerator

    RTO fume incinerator is a highly efficient organic waste gas treatment equipment. Compared with the traditional catalytic combustion, direct combustion type thermal oxidation furnace (TO), has the characteristics of high… ...

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  • Rto Incinerator

    RTO incinerator is a regenerative oxidation furnace produced by Nantong Huashunda Wood-based Panel Machinery Co., Ltd., which is mainly used for waste gas treatment in paper impregnation line.The main structure… ...

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  • Controlled Air Incinerator

    RCO has the characteristics of high-efficiency energy recovery of RTO (regenerative thermal incinerator) and the advantages of low-temperature operation of catalytic reaction. The catalyst is placed on the top of… ...

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  • Incineration Of Gaseous Wastes

    Incineration of gaseous wastes is also known as RCO regenerative incinerator.Based on catalytic oxidation and regenerative incineration (RTO), RCO uses a series of energy-saving design and material selection to develop… ...

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  • Rto Air Pollution Control

    Rto air pollution control uses ceramic regenerator to store the heat generated when the organic waste gas is decomposed, and uses the thermal energy stored in the ceramic regenerator to… ...

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  • Waste Gas Treatment Equipment

    Waste gas treatment equipment also means RCO regenerative incinerator. It can be used for purification of organic solvents (mixed organic waste gas such as benzene, alcohol, ketone, aldehyde, ester, phenol,… ...

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