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Rto Air Pollution Control

Rto air pollution control uses ceramic regenerator to store the heat generated when the organic waste gas is decomposed, and uses the thermal energy stored in the ceramic regenerator to…

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Rto air pollution control uses ceramic regenerator to store the heat generated when the organic waste gas is decomposed, and uses the thermal energy stored in the ceramic regenerator to preheat and decompose the untreated organic waste gas, thereby achieving high thermal efficiency, and the oxidation temperature is generally Between 800 ° C and 850 ° C, up to 1100 ° C.


Rto air pollution control is mainly used in occasions where the concentration of organic waste gas is low and the amount of waste gas is large. It is also very suitable for occasions where the organic waste gas contains corrosive substances, which are toxic to catalysts and some odors that need to be oxidized at a high temperature.
Composition of regenerative incineration (RTO) system:

1. The regenerator
Thermal accumulator is the heat carrier of RTO system, which directly affects the heat utilization rate of RTO. Its main technical indexes are as follows:

(1) heat storage capacity: the larger the heat stored by the thermal accumulator per unit volume, the smaller the volume of the thermal accumulator;
(2) heat transfer speed: the thermal conductivity of the material can reflect the speed of heat transfer, and the greater the thermal conductivity, the faster the heat transfer;
(3) thermal shock stability: the thermal accumulator switches continuously between high and low temperature for many times. Under the condition of huge temperature difference and short time change, it is very easy to be deformed and even broken, blocking the air passage and affecting the thermal storage effect;
(4) corrosion resistance: the gas medium in contact with the heat storage material is mostly highly corrosive, and the corrosion resistance will affect the service life of the RTO.

2. Switch valve
Switching valve is a key component of RTO incinerator for cycle heat exchange. It must be switched accurately in the specified time. Its stability and reliability are of great importance. Because there are a large number of dust particles in the exhaust gas, frequent action of the switching valve will cause wear and tear, which will accumulate to a certain extent and lead to problems such as loose valve seal and slow operation speed, which will greatly affect the service performance.

3. Burner tip
The main purpose of the burner is to keep the gas from mixing too quickly with the fuel, which can create local high temperatures. But also cannot mix too slow to cause fuel to appear second combustion even combustion is insufficient. In order to ensure the combustion of fuel in a low-oxygen environment, the diffusion between fuel and gas, the mixing with the exhaust gas in the furnace, and the Angle and depth of the jet should be taken into account. These parameters should be accurately calculated according to the actual process requirements at the beginning of the design, otherwise it will directly affect the burning effect of RTO.


Equipment advantages
1. Rich process: two rooms, three rooms and rotating RTO multiple process options;
2. High removal rate: VOCs removal efficiency is high, the highest can reach more than 99% of >, suitable for different working conditions;
3.high application: can handle a variety of components, almost all organic waste gas
4. Economic benefits: according to the need to configure waste heat device; High efficiency heat transfer makes the equipment have good economy and safety.
5. Safe operation: fire protection, over temperature alarm and other functions to make the operation more safe;
6. Easy to use: high degree of automation control, convenient maintenance;
7. Suitable structure: the system structure is compact, covers an area of small;
8. Real-time monitoring: the adoption of PLC system to achieve multiple protection, achieve fault self-examination and elimination, the system is stable and perfect.

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